To apply to register at Creative Arts College, please complete the form below:
Application Form / Contract

Please note, if you have not completed a grade 12, you may be required to complete a bridging programme to proceed with a national qualification.

  1. A compulsory, non-refundable applicable fee for all courses is payable at inception
  2. Students will only be considered as “registered” with Creative Arts College once their completed application form is accepted by the institute, which has been signed by the Student and Payer and their deposit or full settlement amount has been paid.

Please select the appropriate payment option by clicking an option below:

Please select the appropriate payment method by marking an option below with an X:

1. All Payments must be made in full, consecutively on the due date as determined by the agreed payment plan.

2. Creative Arts College reserves the right to engage a finance house or other institutions to collect outstanding fees at an additional cost of 20% on the outstanding amounts including the cost of recovery. The payer will be legally responsible for these costs.

3. If a student wishes to deregister, a signed letter of request by both payer and student must be handed in to the administration office.

4. STRICTLY, NO REFUNDS shall be made 30 days from date of signed contract.

5. Receipts are issued upon each cash payment or reflection of payment in the institute’s bank account. (Payer and student must insist on a receipt for any payments made).

6. The consequences of defaulting on this contract shall be executed in full effect in accordance with the South African law.

7. If FULL SETTLEMENT is not completed by due date, it will automatically convert to the MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN without further correspondence.

8. Creative Arts College reserves the right to withhold any marks or assessment results or participation in any assessment process and/or access to any classroom until the outstanding accounts are settled in full,

9. Courses may be cancelled if the required numbers of students are not attained in the selected faculty. If so, payment shall be refunded accordingly.

10. Creative Arts College reserves the right to change programmes offered with ones that share the same rationale and scope.

11. The student accepts that any form of production, including but not limited to film, video, soundtracks, writing, recordings or any other products emanating from students during their programme at Creative Arts College, shall vest in Creative Arts College to whom all copyrights and ownership therein shall be facilitated by, as works have been commissioned by Creative Arts College. Without a formal request and written permission, no use shalt be made for broadcast or any other purposes unless authorized by the Executive committee.

12. The student must ensure that they update contact information (Mobile Number) with the College Administration Office if their details change.

1. Students will only be allowed in class with their student cards. Lost card replacement cost R100.00 payable by student.

2. Student’s bags may be subjected to random searches upon entry and exit.

3. Students will have to declare any electronic items or devices brought to the premises at reception or security prior to entering the Institution.

4. Cellular phones, laptops, |Pads, tablets or any other electronic devices are not to be charged or connected electrically on college property.

5. Students will only be accommodated during classes, no loitering will be allowed.

6. Vandalizing of college property or equipment will not be tolerated.

7. Students will take full responsibility for any computer component or equipment. if damaged and found guilty by a committee, then the student/payer will be responsible for the replacement of such items.

8. Creative Arts College is not responsible for the student’s accommodation and social activities outside their schedute/time-table,

9. Disrespectful and violent behavior will not be tolerated towards any member of the staff or fellow students.

10. Students who are found guilty of criminal actions or unacceptable behavior will be asked to leave the premises by management or security.

11. The consequences of breaking any rule or regulation shall be based on the discretion of management.

This could include suspension or even expulsion, in which case the student/payer shalt remain liable for the outstanding balance of fees.

1. Creative Arts College welcomes suggestions, complaints from students; however, a stringent focus on the method and approach of such correspondence must be followed as reflected in the “Student Handbook”.

1. Covid-19 Protocols must be adhered to.

2. Creative Arts College takes great care in promoting safety and security at our institution.

3. The Institution cannot be held liable for the safety of the student or damage/loss of the student’s property or being.

4. Student must declare medical status on contract.

5. Cost for any medical attention is carried by the payer e.g. ambulance services.

6. In the event of an emergency or evacuation student must abide by the protocols presented by the institute.

1. The Rules and Regulations of Creative Arts College are further reflected in the “Student Handbook”. The student must ensure that they retrieve a copy, read and follow these rules and regulations accordingly.

Students are to abide by all the instructions, rules and regulations as per Student Handbook. The Creative Arts College's policies accommodate for non-discrimination and equal opportunities, however right of Admission is reserved.